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 Jakers! Applies for staff?!

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Jakers! Applies for staff?! Empty
PostSubject: Jakers! Applies for staff?!   Jakers! Applies for staff?! Icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 9:02 pm

IGN Name: Jakers
Real Life Name: Jay

Occupation: College Student / part time noob

Age: 17

Location: England, GMT+0

Past Experience: Not much to be honest, byond wise. But I have hosted a few minecraft servers and recently configured my SSH for byond, meaning I can be a back-up Host if needs be. ( Yes, that is a REAL VPS. )

Why Do You Want To Be Staff?: I'd like to be staff as it's a new experience for me, Aside from hosting the odd game, I haven't really ever had the chance / been bothered enough to become an assistant to an actual game / server. I hope that my application can be taken seriously, as I have put some effort into making this.

What Would Make You A Good Member Of Staff?: I can't really say past experience, but when I was in Secondary School, I got an A in PSHE lol!
Aside from that snippet of information there isn't much I can bring to the table, as I can't code, and I flunked art in
Year 10(-cough-) But, I am rather active in game, and on pager, especially on weekends / after studys.

What More Would You Like To Add?: Nothing, you're all beautiful Very Happy

Signed; Jakers ( Jay ) 02/05/2013 <-- yes the legends are true about the English dating system.
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Jakers! Applies for staff?!
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