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 Application For A Staff Member!

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Application For A Staff Member! Empty
PostSubject: Application For A Staff Member!   Application For A Staff Member! Icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 8:52 pm

In-Game Name:Nara Kamil
Real Life Name:Przemek

Location:Poland(I know English very well so no worries:)
Experience: I wont lie and write imaginary things. I was hosting Naruto:Supreme Shadows for a while and some other games. I was admin on Naruto Rise of The Fallen too. I dont have very much experience but I really like helping others and I am online everyday.

Why Do I Want To Be A Staff Member: Like I said, I like helping other players and like to take part in game life as well. Thing that I hate is abusing. I will mute everyone spamming chat etc., jail everyone AFK training and boot everyone abusing a bug. I know ROTU really well since I play it for long.

What Would Make Me A Good Member Of Staff: First thing - I dont abuse. Second thing - I am helpful. Third thing - I'm online EVERYDAY(If i can).

What More Would I Like To Add: Nothing more, everything is fine;)
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Application For A Staff Member!
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