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 Exiled Gawd / Suffacation Gm Application (Oneoftheoriginalhosts)

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Exiled Gawd

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Exiled Gawd / Suffacation Gm Application (Oneoftheoriginalhosts) Empty
PostSubject: Exiled Gawd / Suffacation Gm Application (Oneoftheoriginalhosts)   Exiled Gawd / Suffacation Gm Application (Oneoftheoriginalhosts) Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 6:05 pm

I was one of the Old hosts i recently came across rotu again and seen it was up and was surprized! The game's community seems to be on a
downword spiral. I'd like to start making videos with sony vegas once i get my actually computer back which will be a week, I think if we tried we could get ROTU big community back, but id also like to backup host if possible
i can host 24/7. Im glad to be back on ROTU.-Exiled Gawd/Suffacation
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Exiled Gawd / Suffacation Gm Application (Oneoftheoriginalhosts)
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